Story behind the competition

Veronika from Kamnik

Veronica’s Cup isn’t just a competition. This is an exciting competition with the story on which the values of the competition are built.

Our values

Why Veronica’s Story

The essence of the story of Veronica is punishment of selfishness. Our competition is based on providing equal opportunities for all competitors, both top class and beginners, to compete on the same range, under the same conditions, and to fight for the same prizes.

The purpose of the competition is also to exchange experiences and knowledge in the competition, affordable to all categories, regardless of the level at which they compete.

Our mission

And what we want to achieve

Our goal is that the Veronica’s Cup becomes the main competition in this part of Europe, which brings together all types and levels of archers and enables them to gain points that count for world ranking.

Veronica’s Cup is young but has a team with many experiences and knowledge to raise the competition to the highest level.

Brothers triplets need money for a new church

Once upon a time, brothers triplets lived in Kamnik. They wanted to become priests. To hold the new mass together, they needed a new church, but they ran out of money. They went to the castle to ask Countess Veronica for money.

Get out!

When Countess Veronika heard their request, she yelled: “Get out! I would rather change into a serpent this very moment than giving single penny for your silly work!” She madly hit the wall with her fist. This can still be seen today.

The earth swallowed Countess Veronika

The mighty sky heard her shouting and her curse was fulfilled. The young countess started changing into half-woman, half-snake, and the earth opened up and swallowed her. You can still see the cave, which she sank in.

Veronica’s story and pictures by Visit Kamnik.