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Words about competition

About Veronica’s Cup competition

Veronica’s Cup is unique world ranking competition held in Kamnik Slovenia which offers great shooting experience along with spectacular view both on and off the court.

Story behind the competition

Who was Veronika from Kamnik

Veronica from Kamnik was a countess who had a lot of money. Because of her disapproval of aid to the poor, she was punished. Because of that, Veronica’s Cup is a competition which offers a lot to those who already are great archers and those trying to become.


Prize pool




Participating countries

Over 170000

Arrows shot

Shooting in Kamnik

Final stage you won’t forget

Final stage of Veronica’s Cup is located in one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in Slovenia, Arboretum Volčji potok. It is the most visited botanical garden in Slovenia and is a public park extending over 85 hectares, located close to Ljubljana. The spacious landscape  park with gravel paths offers the possibility of taking long walks and a peaceful rest in tranquillity and greenery.

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