Slovenia amazing holiday destination

We give you 5 great reasons for choosing Slovenia as your holiday destination:
is a green boutique country for responsible travellers who value their health and well-being,
nature, local culture and authentic experiences. Our commitment is to offer high-quality boutique
products and services, encourage visitors to behave responsibly towards nature and local community
and business partners to respect sustainability principles.
1. Trustworthy
In Slovenia, one of the safest countries in the world, tourism is inextricably linked to the life of local
communities and the preservation of authenticity.
2. Green and sustainable

Slovenia, which is an example of sustainable tourism worldwide thanks to its national Green Scheme
of Slovenian Tourism, ranks among the top seven countries in the world in terms of environmentally
responsible behaviour according to the Environmental Performance Index.
3. Europe in a nutshell
Slovenia is the only EU member state to feature the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Karst and the
Pannonian plain. Discover four geographically and culturally distinct worlds all in one country.
4. For sophisticated explorers
Slovenia’s exceptional natural features are the source of its superb offer of active outdoor
experiences, health and well-being, cuisine, arts and culture, venues for
business meetings, athletes’ training and sporting events.
5. Respecting individuality
Slovenia offers excellent boutique experiences that are designed specifically for individuals and small
groups. You can recognise Slovenia’s one-of-a-kind experiences by the Slovenia Unique Experiences

Experiance the diversity like never before:


Experiance a top Sports destination:


Experiance freedom and passion in nature:


More information about traveling and what to see in Slovenia:

Finals Event Map

Finals are taking place in beatiful Arboretum Volčji potok (Polinkaj prosim na: At the finals, all the archers have a free entry to the park on the
Arboretum Volčji Potok
Volčji Potok 3
1235 Radomlje
Event map:

Disability-friendly competition

Admission to the Friendship Stadium in Mekinje is free and disabled-friendly.

Welcome to watch the finals with us!

To enter the Finals on 2 June 2024 at the Arboretum, please contact us via email: [email protected]
no later than 27 May 2024. We will provide a free ticket for you and your companion to see the final.

2024 Veronica’s Cup Powered by I Feel Slovenia became a green sports event

To this end, we have drawn up some guidelines to help us achieve our goals together. Please
read the recommendations carefully and follow them throughout the event.
Let’s work together for the planet and a better tomorrow!



Veronica’s Cup entries on Open Wareos

Secure you spot for Veronicas’ Cup 2021 through:

Don’t miss your chance to shoot on one of the most beautiful venues and catch up with your friends!

Veronica’s Cup 2019 finals livestream

You can follow us live on Vimeo right here (stream begins at 10:30):

Precision award winners!

We are announcing Precision awards for 2019!

Precision award are presented to the most accurate male and female archer in the recurve and compound division.

Archers with the highest number of X’s after the qualification round are considered the most accurate.

By winning Precision award they receive a FREE ENTRY FEE for 2020 VERONICA’S CUP!

This year’s winners are:

  • Samet Ak
  • Yasemin Anagoz
  • Nico Wiener
  • Bayley Sergeant

Day 1 of Veronica’s Cup

Day one of Veronica’s Cup was very interesting and busy as well. It was the day of qualification rounds (you can find the results here) with some interesting scores being shot.

You can find photos of the first day in our gallery.

Follow our website for fresh news from the field!

Free entry fee winners announcement!

We’re announcing our three winners of final free entry fee draws and those are:

  • Ewa Ploszaj, ISL
  • Fabio Molfese, ITA
  • Aljaž Brenk, SLO

Congratulations to everyone and we hope to see you on the field!